• Mar 12 2018 12:35PM

Welcome to Haryana Staff Selection Commission. 

Dated: 11.03.2018

Notice to the candidates for the post of Clerk of various Departments/Boards & Corporations against Advt. No.10/2015 Cat. No.01 (Read with Corrigendum dated.01.01.2016, 03.05.2016 & 18.05.2016) to give option of Departments etc.


                    It is for the information of the candidates for the post of Clerk against Advt. No.10/2015 Cat. No.01 of various Departments/Boards & Corporations, whose Scrutiny of Document – cum – interview was held from 13.10.2017 to 18.10.2017, 21.10.2017 to 29.10.2017, 23.01.2018, 24.01.2018 and from 07.03.2018 to 09.03.2018. For allocation of Departments/Boards & Corporations as per merit and candidate’s choice in transparent manner, the Commission has decided that the candidates who have appeared for scrutiny of document – cum - interview for the post of Clerk against advt. No.10/2015 Cat No.1 shall give option from amongst the list of 103 Departments/Boards & Corporations and mark their priority. A candidate should fill all the 103 Departments/Boards & Corporations as per his/her priority which shall be considered as per his/her merit/priority of option given. The candidates are advised to visit website of Commission i.e. to give option of the Departments/Boards & Corporations from 12.03.2018 to 14.03.2018 upto 12.00 Noon where after the link shall be disabled. Further, the Commission will not entertain any manual representation/application as allocation of Departments/Boards & Corporations shall be made through computerized process keeping in view merit of candidates, priority fixed by him and requisition of the concerned Department/Board & Corporation. In case a candidate(s) does not give the option or give limited option then in case of selection he/she will be allotted to the Departments/Boards/Corporations according to his merit in alphabetical order of Departments/Boards or Corporations by the computer and no request for change of Departments/ Boards or Corporations shall be entertained.

2.                This offer for giving options should in no case be treated as selection or offer of appointment. The appointment shall be issued only to those candidates who will be finally selected on merit on basis of score in the written examination and performance in interview.

3.                 The Candidates are advised to visit the website of the Commission i.e. information. No Communication will be sent to individual candidates separately